Saturday, November 13, 2010


changes ahead

After 4 months of constant expensive hassles with the motor home and travel in that time cut down to two days at a time (max)  before it broke down again, I have decided enough is enough. I have sold some shares, put the old motor home up for a trade in and am taking delivery of a brand new one in a couple of weeks.  Am I happy? You bet!

I mentioned to the sales people that I required a table which is strong enough to take a sewing machine and they showed me one with 2 single beds and the suggestion they convert one of the beds into a work bench with space underneath for knees, chair etc.

At the moment I am with the rellies at Stroud, NSW again. it is very green here, quite wet and very humid on these warmer days. To say I was impressed is an understatement.

From here I intend to go to Tamworth and then head south. I was hoping to be in cooler areas for the summer but all the delays will put me right in the middle of the hot weather. I will have to stay in caravan parks and use the air con when it gets too much. However I am really looking forward to getting on the road again

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

aquarium & zoo

The other day we visited the Melbourne Aquarium. It was very interesting with lovely displays and lots of things to see.

I love the turtles & the little penguins are so full of energy


melbourne zoo, oct 2010 105

melbourne zoo, oct 2010 057


Today we visited the Melbourne Zoo. We went so I could visit the butterfly house to get photos for a quilt that has been chasing around in my brain for a long while. Neroli came with me. She has a phobia re moths and butterflies are a close relation. She was very brave & took some lovely photos for me.  melbourne zoo, oct 2010 135

We also watched the 2 baby elephants. The youngest is still very quiet & stays close to Mum, but the other one is a lot more energetic and playful. It was lovely to watch them. He had a bath in the water hole and then rolled in the dust.

melbourne zoo, oct 2010 155

melbourne zoo, oct 2010 147

This is the youngest, about one month old.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

This was one of the free overnight parks somewhere up along the north-west WA coast. I am a dreadful diary keeper and don't have the camps book with me in Melbourne to check it out, This was a beautiful, restful area. That's my protector, my bichon frise Georgie in the forground

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This old dead tree and accrued plant flotsam is just crying out for some fabric and sewing machine to make it into a wall hanging.

The pelicans are discussing their days activities!

I thought I would back track a bit and show you some of the magnificent scenery I caught with my camera on my trip so far. Unfortunately when you are driving and come across something worth a photo there is no way you can stop and take it, but there were plenty of other opportunitiesd.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Still in Melbourne

It seems the Cave will not cost as much to fix as first thought. The bank balance will be very happy if that is the case.

One piece of advice for budding travellers. Do NOT buy a motor home off an ex truckie who assures you it is in tip top condition - unless you know them very well and know the background of the vehicle.

In the meantime I am catching up with friends, doing a bit of sewing and taking the chance to read some books. I love reading but don’t seem to get the chance to just sit and read very often.

MY house in WA has been on the market for a long time. I put it on just as the market crashed! When it does sell I am seriously thinking of buying a 4WD motor home as the current one does not like rough roads, even when they are sealed .

Saturday, September 4, 2010

5th Sept 2010

My first blog entry.
Here I am in Melbourne. My motorhome had a big hissy fit and is in Brisbane waiting to get fixed so I flew to Melbourne to spend time with daughter Neroli (her textile art blog is here: )  and to visit a couple of rellies and friends.
At least I have got some sewing done. I have been doing a complicated bargello quilt and have printed off some photos of my recent travels to do small art quilts from.