Saturday, November 13, 2010


changes ahead

After 4 months of constant expensive hassles with the motor home and travel in that time cut down to two days at a time (max)  before it broke down again, I have decided enough is enough. I have sold some shares, put the old motor home up for a trade in and am taking delivery of a brand new one in a couple of weeks.  Am I happy? You bet!

I mentioned to the sales people that I required a table which is strong enough to take a sewing machine and they showed me one with 2 single beds and the suggestion they convert one of the beds into a work bench with space underneath for knees, chair etc.

At the moment I am with the rellies at Stroud, NSW again. it is very green here, quite wet and very humid on these warmer days. To say I was impressed is an understatement.

From here I intend to go to Tamworth and then head south. I was hoping to be in cooler areas for the summer but all the delays will put me right in the middle of the hot weather. I will have to stay in caravan parks and use the air con when it gets too much. However I am really looking forward to getting on the road again