Tuesday, October 5, 2010

aquarium & zoo

The other day we visited the Melbourne Aquarium. It was very interesting with lovely displays and lots of things to see.

I love the turtles & the little penguins are so full of energy


melbourne zoo, oct 2010 105

melbourne zoo, oct 2010 057


Today we visited the Melbourne Zoo. We went so I could visit the butterfly house to get photos for a quilt that has been chasing around in my brain for a long while. Neroli came with me. She has a phobia re moths and butterflies are a close relation. She was very brave & took some lovely photos for me.  melbourne zoo, oct 2010 135

We also watched the 2 baby elephants. The youngest is still very quiet & stays close to Mum, but the other one is a lot more energetic and playful. It was lovely to watch them. He had a bath in the water hole and then rolled in the dust.

melbourne zoo, oct 2010 155

melbourne zoo, oct 2010 147

This is the youngest, about one month old.